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A 2006 novel by Max Brooks recounting the zombie apocalypse and it's effect on the world. It deals with themes such as blame, the media and its effect on society, and the unpreparedness of the world's governments.
It has had quite an effect of zombie culture. It's portrayal of the undead as rabid killing machines has spread to become the template for the species, and the book's signature, the Lobotomiser, is widely accepted by the zombie-killer community. It is a must read for all fans of the living dead, for all lovers of subtext, and for all people who enjoy a good horror story.
It was loosely adapted into a 2013 movie starring Brad Pitt.
Just to give you a taste of the book, there is a scene in which a crowd riots and destroys a mansion that is occupied by Bill Maher, Paris Hilton and Lil' Wayne. It is ultra-cool.
Also, the movie of World War Z is totally watchable, if a little castrated for gore.
by Marvelator August 02, 2013
A spread for toast made of vegetable extract. While it is extremely popular in Australia, it is reviled everywhere else. This aspect of vegemite is used for great humour by we Australians, as a single smear of it will reduce a non-Australian to a quivering jelly, similar to a veteran of 'Nam.
To make a vegemite sandwich, you must toast two slices of bread, and then butter it. You must then add just the right amount of spread, I find that half-a-teaspoon per slice works perfectly. Press the two slices together, and eat. Then, depending on nationality, you will proceed to the local pub or to the ER.
Some leading scientists theorise that we Australians can digest vegemite do to our stomachs and tongues being lined with a natural Kevlar, strengthened by years of swearing, drinking and licking kangaroos.
Robert: Hey, you wanna try a Vegemite sandwich?
Johann: Okay, I've never had one before.
Robert (prepares sandwich) here you go.
(Johann eats it, then coughs up own appendix)
Robert: Wussy.
by Marvelator September 19, 2013
An excuse for everybody!
For teenage girls to dress like sluts!
For little boys to dress up like robots and aliens and not be teased!
For nerds to cosplay as things no sane person has ever heard of!
For adults to get roaring drunk and not be given a second look!
For paedophiles to hand out free candy to willing little children!
For idiots to watch the same three horror movies they watched last year!
And for silent misanthropes to bang their head against the wall for another four hours.
(Day after Halloween)
Jack: Hey, did you see that horror movie at Dan's place last night?
Bob: No, I couldn't get there. The road was too blocked up with slutty teenage girls, cosplay geeks, drunken adults and possible child predators.
Jack: Good thing I'm a silent misanthrope, then.
Bob: Agreed.
by Marvelator November 02, 2013

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