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A previously unknown badger species whose natural habitat is Northern Queensland, Australia. The three toed cheesy tree badger is a shy animal, small in stature, but makes up with a ferocious thirst for vagina and LSD. The Three toed cheesy tree badger is usually the culprit of mysterious early morning acid disappearances.
Cletus: Alright, Everybody stop. I've lost the trips.

Bob: Settle down man, it's gone. I saw a three toed cheesy tree badger scuttling about half an hour ago.

Cletus: Fuck.
by Marty Webb June 04, 2008
A condition in which a male suffers from a lack of vaginal contact. Often used in a derogatory manner, when referring to closet homosexuals.
Cletus: Geez, that Simon is looking sad.
Bob: I believe the man had no beaver this century.
Cletus: Yeah, I'd believe that. Wever, No beaver, Only Cock and balls.
by Marty Webb June 04, 2008
A term used to describe the peculiar odor emmitted by the elderly.
Cletus: Jimmi's mum smells like tuna and old socks.
Bob: What? Oh yeah, that bitch smells like old.

by Marty Webb June 04, 2008
A bloodthirsty hybrid-midget creature thought to have been resurrected from a prehistoric era. Ninja like in stature, the Inductapus has a strange penchant for eating the nipples of its prey. Never seen or heard, the inductapus stalks its victim, before secreting two types of intoxicating cheese like substances into it's victims nipples, inducing spontanious vaginal combustion.
Joseph 4:12
"From the ashes, the Inductapus shall rise."

Last night an Inductapus shaved my wife.

"AARRGGHH! An Inductapus ate my baby" -- Lindy Chamberlain

"After months of tracking the Inductapus, I have concluded that this fantastic creature looks like Sandra Sully" --David Attenborough

by Marty Webb February 19, 2008
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