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11 definitions by Marquis70

After you cum into a girl's vagina, she squeezes out air. The resulting sound is that of bagpipes.
After we had sex, Heather sang me a pussy hagus.
by Marquis70 April 02, 2008
The phrase a girl speaks after you cum in her mouth.
"I asked her if she was going to spit it out or swallow it and she said Bloop Blop."
by Marquis70 March 09, 2008
When a black person does something either extraordinary or something incredibly stupid.
"Hey Timmy, did you see that free throw that colored fellow made at the game? It was Spooktacular!"
by Marquis70 April 17, 2008
When something isn't working correctly and you can't exactly figure out why.
I came home to use my computer but it was acting all bojiggety, so I took my golf club and smashed it into pieces.
by Marquis70 March 02, 2008
Typically caused by ejaculating half of one's man chowder inside and spraying the rest all over the outer region of the vagina. The recipient must not bathe for three days to achieve optimal results.
I thought I'd give Jenni something special for Valentine's Day so I started to engage in cunnilingus. I took one look and said "Damn, girl. Where's the crackers? You got some Clam Chutney up in here! Go take a bath.
by Marquis70 March 11, 2011
Another name for a penis
"After Bonnie got done scrubbing the crock pot, I bent her over and gave her a good poke with Rumpel Stiffskin."
by Marquis70 April 30, 2008
Just as the phrase implies. A giant oozing, animal of a dump.
"Hey Frank, I just painted a bus with my colon magma. Come look!"
by Marquis70 April 28, 2008