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A Chicken-like-Human thing that eats people.
"Look out Bob, Mr. Fungry will get you if you go near where he lives!"
by Marluxia March 21, 2007
A really crappy internet Forum that is filled with spammers and retards. It is run by a Troll woman named Sheyla who will call the SWAT on you if you make clone accounts. It has been attacked numerous times and many riots happen there,so they hire retarded people like Echo77 and Fused Chameleon,who are complete idiots. Usually big fads like Owls, and Objections happen, but then Sheyla the troll bans them all 1137 like.

The forum is constantly in war with a superior site, called ISB.
Wow,that site is so horrible, it's like Midway!
by Marluxia March 21, 2007

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