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When a guy and a girl hangout without being each others romantic interest. The man may pay, and it may still not be classified as a date
Dude I heard you had lunch with Moriah the other day, are you guys dating?

Naw, man it was mutual hangout
by Marky__Mark__ March 02, 2012
When a person tries to impress others, by claiming how great they are, but fails with only a Fakepression. Its generally pretty annoying because they think they are so awesome, but in reality, they're not. usually done by Tools or noobs.
Example 1:
Girl 1:Man these boxes are so heavy.

Girl 2: Yeah seriously. But good thing I hit the gym. I'm strong so its not too bad.

Girl 1: stfu with your fakepression.

Example 2:
Guy 1: I got so many women at the party the other night.

guy 2: Wow! I'm so Fakepressed!
by Marky__Mark__ December 04, 2011

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