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Flame War Forum - A website that encourages flaming for the purpose of entertainment.
I'm flaming some moron on flame war forum.
by markus February 07, 2004
Occurs in a men's locker room, the victim is bent over, tying their shoe or something when another male sticks his bare ass in his face and farts.
Damn yo, you got cheese caked before gym everyday this week.
by markus June 26, 2004
Prehistoric Fucking News

used when old fucking news isn't applicable
n00b: all your base

kewl1337d00der(lawlz): pfn

n00b: huh?

kewl1337d00der(lawlz): killyerself
by markus November 19, 2004
erect cock
Ana has a chubby in Eric's Mom's ass!
by Markus January 25, 2004

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