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In latin/Arabic a person who is fearless and ruthless as an untamed lion.
Man! that mothafucker is a tawfeek
by Markus April 18, 2005
1337 5p34k fer puter which was derived from computer many a year ago
OMFG mah effin' p00ter is awSUM41
by Markus April 14, 2004
Anacronym for Trailer Park Ho
Dude there is a ton of TPH's here.
by Markus October 30, 2003
An Irish term for beatin' off, waxin' your bishop, cuffin' yer carrot,etc.
"What took ya so long in there? Ya musta been floggin' molly!"
by Markus May 06, 2005
smelly cunt with an apparant disability to move to music with a beat, and therefore prefer whale noises or minimal bass lines (breakdowns) with which to pull faces and throw ones arms into the air.
look a prog whore......

by markus November 27, 2003
A person who accidently transports Class A drugs abroad, after his / her mates leave them in his / her bag, without him / her knowing. Really
In the hood, we call you people "Patsies".
by Markus January 11, 2005
being gay at a show.
the hardcore kid tried to hardcore dance in the middle of the pit and got his head knocked in by a 40 year old, truck driving, Slayer fan.
by markus August 06, 2004

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