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n. 1.A navy term for a screaming man on fire.
2. A fiery god of the Alphaball, created by the magical ink of Tink's pen.
The screamingalpha brought havoc to all created by making his giant army.
by Markee Mark March 27, 2007
n. A saying you call out to prevent others from sitting in your spot; often shows your friends' respect for you.
Null and void if your friends really don't give a shit about you.
When you're at the superbowl and you want to save the best seat in the living room, you'll want to call Seat Caps so when you get back from the bathroom you can get back to that sweet ass couch.
by Markee Mark May 10, 2007
The second player in Super Mario Galaxy that has to get all your star bits and hold off all the enemies for you.
"STAR BITCH! Get over here and get these star bits for me while i'm flying to this new planet!"
by Markee Mark May 22, 2008
n. An expulsion of gas or air coming from the urethra of the male penis; A male queef.
Brian couldn't help but squeeze his gigglestick after getting out of the shower to hear his own fontanim.
by Markee Mark March 27, 2007
n. A man who literally always wears his beanie.
Scott: "You've worn that thing in the shower for the 5th time this month!"
Brian: "I just forget I have it on!"
Scott: "You're such a Beanie Man."
by Markee Mark May 10, 2007

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