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Taking a hit of weed, throwing down a shot of hard liquor, and then exhaling your hit. A crowd of people will usually yell "CANNON BALL" while you are in process of taking this shot. Please be warned....this could lead to a very rough night. But in the end, you will be CRUNK! If using Tequilla, it is recommended that you appoligize to all those around you in advance as you will make a scene.
"Hey Mark, wanna take a shot?"

"Yeah, but let me hit this blunt first."

Mark takes a huge hit off the blunt, slams a shot of Tequilla, then exhales and pounds his chest. (In the background, the whole party is yelling CANNON BALL)
by Mark Pearson August 12, 2006
Mixing Red Bull and Jagrmeister together and throwing it down shot style. You can substitute other brands of energy drinks like Monster Energy, but the Jagr is a must. Taken best as a shot. Typical standars are as follows: 1 shot for fun, 2 of them to get fucked up, and 3 of them and you're probably going to black out and/or start a fight with your friends (assuming you're mixing in a couple stiff drinks between each shot like you should). Drinking to many Jagr Bombs could (and has) result in a trip to Detox.
"Damn, I had 5 Jagr Bombs last night. I can't remember anything, but I guess I punched my boy in the head. I got thrown out of the club and those Pigs ended up hauling me off to Detox."
by Mark Pearson August 12, 2006
When you take a hit of weed and hold it in so long that nothing blows out when you exhale. While difficult depending on the size of your hit, it will lead to a much higher high. Graveyarding is most frequently done by those who are running short and are trying to conserve until they can pick up again. Caution - can lead to uncontrollable coughing.
"Mark doesn't get paid until Friday and only has a small stash left. He will have to graveyard all his hits to make sure he can get high until payday."
by Mark Pearson August 12, 2006
A word yelled out to suggest that someone near you has just rolled out of the Trailer Park. It allows you to alert your friends without making the Park Trash feel unwelcome or uncomfortable.
When Mark was at the Nascar race, he was constantly yelling Lars to every other person who walked by. When his friends agreed with the observations, they also gave out a faint "Laaaarrrrrsssss" to confirm his assumption.
by Mark Pearson August 13, 2006
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