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'Thanks for the Cache'. Term frequently used in online logs of individuals reporting the successful location of a Geocache.
Found the cache located under a bridge next to a peaceful bend in the river. TFTC.
by Mark Luscher June 03, 2005
Destination point, usually a container with small objects and/or toys, for a GPS based orienteering sport/hobby called "Geocaching" after the web site of the same name. Participants hide containers (or sometimes objects, clues, or virtual objects) and publish GPS coordinates and hints on the Gecaching web site. Others seek the geocache as a form of recreation and may exchange items for those in the geocache, as well as reporting (online) the success or failure of their search.
When we travel to another city, we often will bring a GPS unit and search out a local geocache as a way of becoming more familiar with the area.
by Mark Luscher June 03, 2005
Abbreviation for Geocache.
Found the cache under a log near the path, in a beautiful, forested location
by Mark Luscher June 03, 2005

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