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1. to bug out. 2. to wild out. 3. to get stupid, I mean outrageous.
we came here tonight to get started to cold act ill and get retarded
by Mark Abell April 20, 2007
1. to relax and stay at home. 2. to not go out and have fun with your friends 3. a blockbuster night
What are you doing tonight?

I don't know, I think I'm just gonna lay back in the cut.
by Mark Abell December 18, 2004
1. Usually said at the end of a sentence to confirm what you just said was true. 2. To back up a statement you are over confident about.
That girl I smashed last night was bananas, yup!
by Mark Abell December 18, 2004
(v).To leave, or take off from a cool situation that is no longer cool.
Yo, this party is not off the hook, I'm gonna skirch.
by Mark Abell December 17, 2004
to have sex with someone really hard and in a crazy way
Oh who? That girl? Yeah, I smashed her last week, no big deal.
by Mark Abell December 18, 2004
The opposite of off the hook, obviously, meaning: boring, stupid, not fun at all in the least bit.
Yo, that party was on the hook, I'm gonna skirch, yup!
by Mark Abell December 18, 2004

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