52 definitions by Marie

when someone dances put left foot to right and back right foot to left and back
why is the dick head side stepping on the dance floor to rave music KNOB HEAD
by marie August 22, 2003
is a bootiful, funny ,sexual person who is the bestest and always sum1 u know u can talk to.
who'd u hang round wiv now then, oh kissafer.
by marie April 14, 2005
Joe Williamson
Joe is such a fagmagnet.
by marie January 27, 2005
a horrible yellow mucos that pops up on your skin a looks gross
hey mate you've got a big shitty zit on the end of your nose, days later a and its took over there face eeeeeeeeeee it looks like a mutant
by marie August 05, 2003
inserting ones penis in to a womens vagina
i enjoy bonking, will you give me a good bonk
by marie August 20, 2003
a orange vegetable that makes you see in the dark (ye right)
why have i got carrots in my sick i havn't had carrots (it is the eight wonder of the world)
by marie August 11, 2003
something that don't look human, very abnormal, very ugly
i thought i was being shagged by an alien last night then i had a closer look and it was my boyfriend DAZ
by marie August 20, 2003

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