52 definitions by Marie

1.) Filipino dessert
2.) a nonchalant way of calling someone a "puto"
Nothing's worse than a rice cake in his rice rocket!
by marie November 08, 2004
Rough young people living in cities and towns in certain ares of Ireland wearing burberry hats tracksuit pant/short jeans and celtic jerseys with a few bulldog tatoos
I wouldnt go there if I were you,Thats a knack area
by Marie March 27, 2005
The onomatopoeia which refers to the sound produced by wiggling the tongue from the upper lip to the lower in rapid repetition. Originally created to re-enact an overzealous kiss. Modified to represent anything that is desirable, or thus, lickable/likeable.
If you see an attractive person, the motion of "habble-ing" (in their direction or towards a friend) would indicate you think they merit positive tongue-involving activities.
by marie November 25, 2003
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