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The way a dullard pronounce my name.
"Hey it's Kuh-eeth!" - Dullard
"Fuck you." - Me
by Mariana October 11, 2003
A word used to describe Mexican stationary.

Also a nickname of a Disney Princess who was best friends with Mariana
"That's an arial"


"She looks like Arial!"
by Mariana April 11, 2005
The Hip-Hop Container. A congolmerate of the greatest rhyming masterminds to dominate the west-end of the island of Montreal. Comprising solely of elite rhymesters, their underlying goal is the spread of their art, hip-hop.
Yo, T-H-C- and Ashtray,
Are tellin' you to obey.
by Mariana October 11, 2003
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