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The SAT is the number one cause of student suicide.
OMFG I can't believe I didn't get a perfect score on my SAT!! After all my hours of studying!!! @!&$#! I'm worthless *hang*
by Marialejandra March 05, 2007
Perfect. A pop indie singer who might just have dumbass pre-teen girls after him one day. But as of now, he's pretty amazing in the indie world. Let's keep it that way...
Dumbass: MIKA is sooooooooo cute!

Indie: Ugh stfu and go listen to fall out boy or panic! at the gay
by Marialejandra June 14, 2007
AP English and Comp. consists of:

Virginia Woolfe has the used excellent parallelism, imagery and anaphora to convey her feelings to the reader. She's so AP English!
by Marialejandra June 14, 2007
Probably the only indie band out there worth listening to. They will eventually reach great popularity and be the talk of all teen girls. Kevin Barnes prances around stage in flashy outfits and singing lyrics that consist of high vocabulary words while the rest of the band plays upbeat songs (and also wear flashy outfits). Listening to Of Montreal will place you in a stage of complete bliss but most importantly, it will be the best psychedelic experience you've ever had.
Teen Girl - "OMG! Have you heard this new band called Of Montreal!!!!?? They're like so hip!"

Of Montreal Fan Girl - "Yeah, I've liked them for years poser."
by Marialejandra March 05, 2007
Great british indie rock band regardless of what people say about their music. I like it, it's pretty amazing.
The Horrors are not horrible
by Marialejandra June 14, 2007
God's of the indie invasion.
The Shins changed my life.
by Marialejandra March 05, 2007
A delicious and amazing indie pop/rock band from Austin, Texas.
"Raised by Wolves" by Voxtrot is orgasmic
by Marialejandra June 14, 2007

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