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A condition mimicking alcohol intoxication which develops after one engages in exceptionally satisfying sex. Signs and symptoms include but are not limited to: feelings of euphoria, extreme relaxation, black outs/missing time, lack of inhibition and/or the desire to dance with reckless abandon.
After some slammin' afternoon sex, I didn't even remember driving back to the office. I was under the influence of a serious sex buzz.

Everyone at work kept commenting on how happy and relaxed I was. I told them it was because of the beautiful, sunny weather, but I really had a killer sex buzz going on.

NOTE:A sex buzz often preceeds the more debilitating sex coma.
by Margeauxx McBeavers January 11, 2011

Term referring to the need/want for an individual to be on top of or in a "dominant" position with one's sexual partner in order to reach climax/orgasm.
Hey, babe, let me drive for awhile. Fucking in the front seat of the Honda is giving me a cramp, and I really wanna finish this up with a dominant cum position.

I sure am glad I had an egg sunny side up on top of my goetta! The extra protein gave me the energy to finish strong in a dominant cum position.

I love watching the way Tom moves when he is fucking me in a dominant cum position!
by Margeauxx McBeavers November 23, 2010

A term referring to the awkward, somewhat rigid gait/walk that one often exhibits after having engaged in rampant/marathon sex.

It is generally considered to be painful, yet a symbol of satisfaction and pleasure.
Sarah was walking around like she had been riding a horse for 3 days straight, but it was really just a bad case of the post fuck strut.

Tom and I fucked so hard last week that my vagina became terribly chafed and I had the post fuck strut for days!

Note: The post fuck strut is frequently associated with the "post fuck strut and smile" wherein although one is in pain they are smiling because it was all so worth it.
by Margeauxx McBeavers November 13, 2010

A phrase initally uttered Sunday 11/21/10 during the second episode of Sarah Palin's "My Alaska". During this episode the Palin family bludgeoned a halibut to death and referred to it as humanely "stunning" the fish.

This term indicates the desire to physically assault/beat someone with reckless abandon.
That bitch better get up off of my man unless she wants to get stunned like a halibut!

Hey, bitch! If you're feeling froggy leap! I will stun your ass like a halibut!

If those assholes don't stop trying to cut in line in front of me at Starbuck's, I swear I am gonna stun 'em like a halibut!
by Margeauxx Mcbeavers November 25, 2010

A term which refers to a highly intoxicated individual who is moving and/or speaking in what appears to be slow motion.

This was a frequent occurence on the short-lived 1980's sitcom "Small Wonder" in which the featured robotic child, Vicky, often ran low on power and exhibited a much slower rate of movement and speech before she completely powered down.
Margeauxx was having so much fun dancing at Bartini, but after that last shot of tequila she was totally small wondered and could only do the robot in slow motion.

I wondered why I could hear crickets all of the sudden, then I realized CJ was drunk on vodka soaked pineapple and completely small wondered.
by Margeauxx McBeavers January 27, 2011

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