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To be dazed, usually used in online roleplay on a chat and/or a MMORPG
Nachos365: @_@ holy crap im so dizzy
by Marcus Cassidy February 28, 2008
Straining; a emoticon equivalent to "Doh!"
Bob: You spelled that wrong
John: aww maaan!!! >_<
John: This poop won't come out!!! HURRRRRGHHH..>_<
by Marcus Cassidy February 29, 2008
A Person who acts cool for pretty much no reason.
1.Eyeborws constantly up, always wearing a suit, always 2.acts and/or looks "gangsta" or "cool"...has hands in pockets.Or pulls out cellphone and talks on it even though no one is talking to him. To be "cool" but not "cool"
3.Acts like a "pimp" Flaunts money constantly. Uses 70's "jive" or slang like "brotha" and/or "cat
4. acts "sly" and/or cool to be notcied and get attention

1.Look at the way he dresses, he is such a bitch nigga!

by Marcus Cassidy February 28, 2008

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