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(adj) to become distracted by an attractive man, especially one that commonly gives you sexual favours
I tried to stay angry at him, but he had me totally dick-stracted.
by Marc K July 12, 2005
(adj)pronounced: re-TRAC-tive

Combination of the words repulsive and attractive. Someone who is so horribly ugly but yet impossible to look away from.
Her large, off-center eyes of different colours made her completely rettractive.
by Marc K July 12, 2005
(verb) to avoid something that is immensely popular in order to remain distanced from the hype

derives from my intense desire to never, ever see Titanic because everyone else did
"Did you see Passion of the Christ?"
"No, I'm going to titanic it."

"Have you heard? Marc is titanicing the new Star Wars movie!"
by Marc K July 12, 2005
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