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a term used to describe a friend or person you know.
What up homes? Que pase homes?
by Manzy May 05, 2003
"The Black Goat of the Woods With a Thousand Young is a dark and terrible alien fertility goddess in the mythos, sometimes depicted as a demonic goat, sometimes as an enormous amorphous mass spawning her "Dark Young"-- huge tentacled tree-like hulks with shaggy goats legs and hooves -- in an endless orgy of reproduction."

To sum it all up, the ultimate badass in everything awesome.
Holy shitcakes Batman! I just saw Shub Niggurath! I can die a happy human.
by Manzy February 16, 2005
used as an exclamation for something cool or nifty
if a loud jacked up truck drives by, you can say, "Get errr done!" followed by "dats right."
by Manzy November 09, 2003

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