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4 definitions by Manuela

Amazing Kick ass country in south america , Hot girls , hot Guys and Nice food , also a party country , everyone loves to party alcohol is so easy to get , and you can go clubing anywhere i you find your fake "Cedula" (ID) is so cool also is a beautiful place to take pictures , people is warm kind and hot
Dude I wen To Venezuela last month I got so fucked uo with Anis
There is nothing better than "Polar beer"
by Manuela February 14, 2005
A kickass NIRVANA cd
Thanks for In Utero kurt , RIP Man , I love you
by Manuela February 19, 2005
Literally used to describe a member of the triads, but can also mean an asian gangster.
"Some goo wak jai jacked my car."
by Manuela January 29, 2005
The step after choppin but before dating. They mean a little more to you than jus a fuck buddy, but not quite boyfriend/girlfriend yet.
"Yeah me and Sandra are dealing"
by Manuela January 29, 2005