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1. someone who is destined for Hell.
2. the subtitle for the 2nd Hellrasier movie.
3. someone who searches for Hell.
4. someone that is going into a very dangerous situation.
1. Your Hellbound man, sorry about that.

2. "Hellrasier-Hellbound"

3. I am Hellbound, wish me luck!

4. The soilders were Hellbound.
by Manthing June 01, 2006
1. the mouth of a treacherous whore.
2. the mouth of any enemy who seeks to publicly oppose you.
3. any mouth that continually produces extremly irritating noises.
shut that Treacherous Whore Mouth!
by Manthing June 01, 2006
1.(Noun) one who seeks Warewolves and kills them.
2. also known as Warewolf Hunter.
3. also an older Independent moive made in Ohio.
1. Matt Hoffman is the Wolf Hunter.
by Manthing June 03, 2006
1.The act of being a stupid asshole.
2.somthing stupid that happens to you.
3.can be used jokingly.
1. Quit being a Fagbarrs!

2. that was completly Fagbarrs!

3. Ohhh, your such a Fagbarrs!
by Manthing June 01, 2006
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