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To split the purchasing of a pizza equally among two parties.

Since its inception, the term "halfsies on a" has extended past usage in pizza realted terms and can be used in ordinary conversation pertaining to more typical purchases.

The term's first documented usage was by two white suburban Detroiters during Colombus Day weekend 2004.
"I'm famished, you wanna throw halfsies on a pie?"

"Let's go halsies on a prostie."
by Mangelo January 23, 2006
In short, the word blowsie is an abbreviation for the word blowjob, but its context is completely different. The word blowjob is an obvious referral to oral sex, whereas blowsie would not be used in this theatre. To receive a blowsie is to be praised, to give a blowsie is to suck up.

In real life scenarios blowsies can be given to and received by family members, clergymen, animals and friends of the same sex. Blowjobs should not be given to or received from any of the aforementioned parties.

The term was first coined in the streets of East Lansing, MI, when a group of college students at Michigan State University were referring to the fallacious style of respect given to them by underclassmen.
"The bitch gave me a blowjob and after I came she gave me a blowsie about how big my dick was."

"Chris K. is well known for giving blowsies at parties."
by Mangelo February 01, 2006
A gyro wrap filled with delicious goodness in the form of sliced, breaded chicken breast, lettuce, Swiss and American cheese, mayo and tomato.

Hanis are best accompanied with chili cheese fries and copious amounts of cigarette smoke. In fact, most hani extremists will only eat a hani with these two crucial side dishes. Also, the hani is best enjoyed if eaten in the early hours of morning, after bar close, served by a waitress of Mediterranean - mainly meaning Greek, Albanian or Yugoslavian - descent.

The dish is indicative of Greek Detroit, and can only be enjoyed at one of the area's many National Coney Islands.

Put bluntly, a hani is the only meal a person should order upon entering a National's; to do otherwise would be a mistake and will often bring a look of disgust from other patrons and ridicule from those in your party.
The Lieutenant once drove three hours round trip just to eat a hani.
by Mangelo July 10, 2008

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