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another name for the greatest sport of all time, boxing.
there is nothing in this world that will test a man more than 15 rounds of the sweet science.
by Mandelas Discple September 23, 2007
To get absolutely and utterly annihilated, particularly in video games though it can apply to any time when someone gets murdered.
Yo i was playing halo 3 and i pulled out the sniper, lined up the head shot and bam that nigga got merk'd.

Yo lil' Andre tried to fuck around in my hood and we fucking merk'd that nigga.
by Mandelas Discple September 23, 2007
a nickname for the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time Muhammad Ali given to him because hes from Louisville, Kentucky and he had a big mouth which he always backed up.
The Louisville Lip always taunted "Smokin" Joe when they fought in a attempt to aggravate the hell out of him.
by Mandelas Discple September 23, 2007

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