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When one's hopes are raised and dashed in a matter of seconds.
Mark: Hey Jim, you just won the lottery!
Jim: Really?!
Mark: No, I'm just messin.
Jim: Damn, you gave me hopelash.
by MandM February 10, 2008
Aka the flying potato, raspberry tea lover, peanut butter addict, good thinker, genius, llama friend and worshipper of the almighty Shellz0rz.
Person 1: Eve is damn good.
Person 2: Word up! I like taking my pants off in the rain.
by MandM June 02, 2006
The act of behaving in a bad ass way in order to emphasize toughness.
"you totally beat him up!"
"sorry my badassiness took over"
by MandM February 04, 2008
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