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1.) Six cylinder turbocharged car made by Toyota. Extremely well engineered, with phenominal Horsepower/Liter ratings. No longer sold in the United States. Surpasses many American cars, being beaten only by high-end production cars and highly modified sports cars.
JimmieBob: Supras suck, for they are Japanese.

AzNpRyDe: AWW NAWWW!!11!!!! SUPRAZ r0x0rZ j00r b0x0rZ!!!!

Manawski: True, a Supra could beat a Yugo, but not a Viper 800TT.
by Manawski February 27, 2003
1.) A Big fucking rock.
Woah, that's a crag.
by Manawski August 27, 2003
1.) Noun. The bastardization of the word Jackhammer, a weapon from the game Planetside. Normally a term used by people who complain after being killed in a video game, also by people who cannot spell 'balanced.'
VS guy: OMFG this game is so unbalenced!!!!1! Every NC has one, how GAYHEY

Me: Just jump in your Magrider and go run over some people. That'll make you happy again.
by Manawski October 15, 2003
1.) Hairstyle first documented in Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales" which involves hair being short in the front and long in the back.

2.) The same hairstyle, only worn by backwoods men in their twenties. Sometimes worn by men who want to show off where they are from (the backwoods). These individuals are often seen driving Chevrolet Camaros... and nothing else.
Wendy's Crew Member: Wow, that is one rusty Camaro.
Wendy's Manager: He has a mullet, too.
Wendy's Crew Member: Are you surprised?
by Manawski February 26, 2003
1.) Name of an infamous 'hacker' on the Total Entertainment Network. Known for creating trainers and other hacks for the game called "ARC."

2.) Any creation made by ViperX.
Manawski: Yeah, I have one of those ViperX TenToolz programs from way back.

Doogie Howser: Script Kiddie.

Manawski: I bet you can't play dice in the TEN Arena like I can.

Doogie Howser: What.
by Manawski February 27, 2003
1.) A horrible Goth Metal band from East Central Ohio. Lyrics are mostly unintelligible.
Azrael the Dark: Antracite should have won the Battle of the Bands. I think I am going to pray to the Dark Lord and drink Strychnine tonight.

Jim: Shut up, Bobby. You better get home before your parents find you out of the house.
by Manawski February 23, 2003
1.) Emeril Lagasse, celebrity chef. Known best for his show "Emeril Live." Also known for a failed sitcom. He actually does cook food.
Emeril: "Pork Fat Rules!"
Emeril: "Bam!"
Emeril: "Where's my damn paycheck!?"
by Manawski February 26, 2003
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