26 definitions by Manawski

1.) Mathematical formula resulting in the product 21931.

2.) An extremely roundabout way of saying 1337, 31337, leet, or elite.
1.) 3133(2+5)=3133(7)=21931. Zigei?

by Manawski March 04, 2003
1.) Anybody, when used in varying forms of context.
I want YOU for U.S. Army.
by Manawski March 04, 2003
1.) The acronym for DragonBall Z, a fairly popular television show in America among people who don't know the premise of anime. This show lost it's popularity in Japan roughly fifty years ago.

See also dragonball z
My 3 year old cousin: DBZ IS ROXOR D00Z!
by Manawski March 06, 2003
1.) The worst basketball team. Ever.
Not even Lebron James can get the Cavs to win a basketball game.
by Manawski November 04, 2003
1.) Snack chip, known well for it's 'dippability' and 'crunchiness.' Well known by users of marijuana.
Dude, let's get some doritos.
by Manawski March 06, 2003
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