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To hit a bong with only tobacco, equivalent to one cigarette or the desired effect of feeling dizzy or in most normal peoples cases -
nauseous. only done by desperate chavs who have little or no cannabis
yeh mate i had no weed so i has a few baccy spinners...mate
by Manav August 12, 2005
To be completely high on hallucinagenic mushrooms i.e. the stalks from them.
Boy gets up off floor after being spaced out looking at the sky and says
'Man I'm Stalked!'
by Manav July 03, 2005
hitting a bong full of tobacco, equivalent to one or two cigarettes.
done by desperate chavs who have no marijuana.
'yeh mate, i had no gwan last night so i had a baccy s(ch)pinner...mate'
by Manav August 01, 2005
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