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3 definitions by ManMachine

Some dietary supplement tend to make the taker excrete their own body fat in liquid form (Britney Spears was rumoured to be a fan). However, unlike spears these fluids can be used for the sole purpose of lubrication of the rectum. Perfroming a Sloppy Jack would be to take advantage of these fluids in the pursuit of back door pleasures
Andy puts rohypnol and diet suppliments in drinks to get new girlfriends.
by ManMachine January 24, 2005
3 2
Eighties new romantic 'kitchen' group featuring Derek Blunden as the main talent orifice. Hits include 'Too Shammy for Mammy'(a tribute to Al Jolson)and 'Use the Love Thermometer'.
Woooooooooo-aaaah, its Cock-a-Too-Poo!
by ManMachine January 24, 2005
2 2
Intentional drying of the anus in order to make it bleed during anal sex.
Andy sure does love his greynus
by ManMachine May 16, 2004
3 5