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A Serial Infatuator is someone who continually has intimate relationships that last only between 3-5 months. It is the defined timeline for infatuation.
My recent lover is a Serial Infatuator. He does not get past the 5 month mark where infatuation gives way to true love.
by Mamahipster August 24, 2011
When you are experiencing the "perfect" human moment, appreciating being alive. It can be a moment in nature, or a moment with family, or a moment with friends, or a moment of giving.... When the universe cracks open and everything is right for that split second. Like catching a shooting star.
A Momentgasm is walking along the beach, on a beautiful sunny morning, warm, sound of waves, children laughing, dogs and people out in the fresh air.
by Mamahipster August 24, 2011
Ambush of a person's lack of emotional awareness regarding a certain issue. Sneaking up from behind, saying something provocative and intentionally confusing, then running away.
"He was unaware that he was the subject of an Emotional Cow-Tipping. She knew all about the other woman, and dropped a verbal bomb right in front of him and his friends."
by Mamahipster September 15, 2011
The time and/or space, a female declares after a relationship has ended.

It means: No Boys. No Booze. No Bullshit.
My friend had a bad relationship break-up. She declared 3 months of a "B-Free Zone."
by Mamahipster October 20, 2011
When a person leaves a relationship in a big hurry, due to reactions from previous unsuccessful relationships.
"He was guilty of a PTSDetour. He cut me out of our relationship like a cancer. He just disappeared."
by Mamahipster September 15, 2011
When two people love each other, but cannot make the relationship work, because their upbringing and backgrounds are too diverse, and they don't have enough experience in common to bond completely.
"Harry and Sheila were perfect for each other except they were Demographically Damned. He could never come up to her level."
by Mamahipster November 07, 2011
A man, who during a meeting or date, does not gives signs of sexual interest. When he walks you to your car, he pounces with unexpected physical contact.
We had a very pleasant lunch meeting. After, the Parking Lot Pouncer walked me to my car, and then all of a sudden started with the grabbing and kissing.
by Mamahipster February 17, 2012

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