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Finally a good band for our generation.
We need more bands like oasis, and less like Shit Charlotte
by Mam August 29, 2004
I used to use IE, but i switched to Firefox by Mozilla, now i get NO pop-ups, and everything is much faster than IE, If you have lots of pop-ups or IE is crashing all the time than switch to Mozilla its free.
IE sucks, you suck, i suck
by Mam August 29, 2004
I guess im sadly a part of this generation, but where not all retards who are dictated by whats "cool" on crapTV (mTV), most of my friends dont even like mtv or the "music" thats on there for 1 hour a day.
abcdefg hijklmnopqr stuvwxyz
by Mam August 28, 2004
Actually whales are diing because humans are over killing them, (mainly the Japanese)
whoever said that whales cant adapt to there environment should die themselves.
by Mam August 29, 2004
Im stuck in America but aleast my dad is from Europe. Europeans are the most advanced most of the stuff that Americans created are people from European descent. They also ruled the world for many years. There old and new at the same time. I went to Styer (spelling?)in Austria and shoped in a village from the middle ages filled with state of the art electronics.
europe rocks enough said
by Mam September 11, 2004
Vaginal Discharge
by Mam July 23, 2003

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