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A wonderful Indie-pop band.
Death Cab for Cutie is good.
by Malxolm April 19, 2004
A great Indie pop band that expertly crafts wonderful pop songs with a slightly wistful, melacholy undertone. Their 2001 release Oh, Inverted World quickly became a favorite among fans of Indie pop fans, and their second release, Chutes Too Narrow, was also recieved among critics and fans alike.
The Shins are the best band you've never heard.
by Malxolm April 19, 2004
A shortening of the name Stephanie, whom is my best friend.
Hey Steff.
by Malxolm April 18, 2004
An award given out in deathmatches and the like by Timesplitters and Goldeneye (Possibly Perfect Dark). Basically, it means that you completely owned everyone else.
I got the AC-10 award because I made half the teams kills.
by Malxolm April 18, 2004

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