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a mix between a baby and a midget. Some one who is small, and has body parts that are proportional, like a baby, but is over the age of 10, like a midget.
Cristina is a bayget because her hands are as small as my newborn sister's, but she is about to turn 18!
by MalcolmfromSD December 25, 2007
n. what happens if no one finds the easter bunny's eggs.
Why does the easter bunny hide his eggs? Because he doesn't want anybody to know he fucks chickens; which spawns a chicken bunny.
by MalcolmfromSD August 12, 2008
a term used by minors to avoid cursing around their parents when referring to the tv series Jackass
Hey mom! Can I go see the new Jackbutt movie that came out on Friday?
by MalcolmfromSD December 25, 2007
n. a blunt rolled for the purpose of celebration.
I just moved to a new city & found a new dealer with some bomb trees; therefore, I rolled a celeblunt.
by MalcolmFromSD February 26, 2009
n. a phrase coined by several young men in search of a code word for an ugly person who is persistent & consistent in their efforts to get into your under garments. Characteristics are similar to that of a myspace person who blatantly shows off to get your attention, refuses to leave you alone after being repeatedly ignored, continues to stare & try to make eye contact, etc.
Man #1: Un cro-cro-dile @ 3 o'clock?

Man #2: Yes sir! Is that a unibrow & a she-stache?
by MalcolmFromSD October 18, 2008
a gay bayget; something and/or someone you don't want to be
You are such a gayget for slipping in the mud outside of the nightclub
by MalcolmfromSD January 03, 2008

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