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a person known to suck penis on a regular basis who also cross dresses and has both male and female sexual organs - the word has evolved over time
Paul Hardy
by Major Tom June 07, 2003
When you are tied to a bed, or other object upon which you would have intercourse, and your partner takes a huge dump on your chest and leaves you to fester in the steaming pile.
Man, I thought I was gonna get laid, but that bitch just gave me a berlin steamer.
by Major Tom April 22, 2004
word used by the "fringe" computing community to donote any box using intel guta and a windows OS
if your not using a wintel box now you will be
by major tom June 12, 2003
of military origin esp. U.S. Army...
1. to break ranks
2. to step out of formation
3. to be left behind because your fat ass cant keep up
4. to anounce ones exit
5. to quit drinking. vomit, or pass-out
private partz fall out
im gonna fall-out
dont fall out you fat fuck or im gonna PT you to death!
Jones fell out and puked all over the cab
by major tom June 12, 2003
Stupid self righteous fucks who believe that because they are white and well off other white people must suffer for the "crimes" of thier ancestors.
Also believe that men should only be kept alive for thier sperm production and once cloning is available should all die.
God damn PC sonsofbitches, lost my job to a wetback cause of those damn quotas.
I'm gonna fuck those PC bitches until they can't walk.
by Major Tom April 19, 2004

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