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7 definitions by Mahogany Ride

A leg with no clear definition of where the calf ends and the ankle begins
First kid in food court - "Dude, look at the canckles on that mall rat..."

Second kid in food court - "Shut up dumbass! I'm trying to eat!!"
by Mahogany Ride August 28, 2007
The act of driving horribly with little regard to those drivers around them. Typically characterized by weaving, sudden lane changes, lack of signaling, too slow or more than likely, too fast. Generally the driver, if seen, is a woman of any age and of Asian decent performing the act of using a cell phone to talk and/or text, apply makeup, drink an espresso latte, etc. Such drivers are nearly always driving a Lexus or some other expensive car, and many drive expensive, large SUV's like an Escalade or Hummer.
Dude, watch out for that big white Escalade with the driver who looks the size a 5 year old, she is most definitely driving Asian!
by Mahogany Ride August 18, 2007
In some ways the opposite of a brown eye, but located in the same vicinity. The vagina as sometimes seen from behind when a woman with particularly large, loose and over-sized labia lips when she bends over, creating the look of a huge, droopy eye.
Mounting his girlfriend from behind, James gave her a good poke in the droopy eye.
by Mahogany Ride August 28, 2007
The smooth, sensitive area on the arm between the wenis and the wagina.

Nikki ran her fingers deftly across my wooch between my wenis and my wagina
by Mahogany Ride August 11, 2007
A slang term defining female masturbation.
Jill prefers to paddy whack the knick knack any day over using a vibrator.
by Mahogany Ride August 28, 2007
Another term for female masturbation - using the fingers or "digits" to do so.
Mary brings a whole new meaning to going digital when she gets herself off.
by Mahogany Ride August 28, 2007
The Clitoris - a sensitive part of a woman's vagina - often exploited through cunnilingus.
Nicole has the best Binky I know, I could lick it for dayz
by Mahogany Ride July 27, 2007