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Shitty "anarchists" who lack criticism of the existing world that goes much beyond punk nihilism or petulant observations that shit sucks and whose strategy for change is pretty much breaking things and acting like a dick. Probably vegan and definitely a dick about whatever obscure complicated diet their on. They tend to adhere to college-town fads in general.

As opposed to the anti-state socialists who were an integral part of much progress in the early part of the 20th century including union movements, early military opposition to fascism, the routing of Denkin's White Army, and popular socialist resistance to the Bolshevic coup in the Russian empire. Shit that was hard, often got them shot and wasn't even considered cool at the time.

The Greeks are an interesting case since their anarchyists are part of a wider movement against the government, with most street fighting occurring within and in support of of larger general strikes and protests, and they actually have the guts and forethought to cause real targeted damage and not just jerk off about throwing newspaper boxes in the street and calling workers sellouts. While this is a net positive development, it confuses many Americans who can't tell the difference between an anarchist group with a formal structure, that wants people to show up on time and follow through on commitments, and the fucking Cheka.
"CrimethInc has some decent ideas and leaves room for more, I mean Rolling Thunder is good for accounts of recent events and all. Shit that's how I got into things and some of their recurring cast is pretty sharp, but their books and their weak slacker-friendly analysis attracts so many worthless fucking anarchyists that I'd rather they just go away and take the Pacific Northwest with them."
by Mahkno August 24, 2011

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