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A derogatory term used by a parent to their child to indicate they are annoying or used when the child has performed a moronic act.
Dad: "You are truly a peckernut, Chris! What are you going to do next?"
Dad: "Go and play in the other room you peckernut. I am watching the game!"
#dingbat #moron #child #annoying #prick
by Mahalollama September 13, 2009
When someone takes a crap on a campfire so that the turd rests on a piece of wood and slowly roasts, stinking up the entire campsite. A slowly burning/melting turd.
"I burnt my ass hairs off making that Melty Log over at the girls campsite!"
"Dude, it was so worth it though. I can hear them screaming"
#shit #crap #campfire #turd #fire
by Mahalollama September 13, 2009
A delicious meal consisting of this, that, and a little of some other things. Most often cooked in a skillet and sometimes resembles an omelette. Quite often experimental but usually for a dish to be called Spleck, it is repeatable.
"Woman, this Spleck that you made is so tasty I'm going to pass out!"
"Why thank you. We'll have spleck again tomorrow."
#food #recipe #dish #meal #delicious
by Mahalollama September 13, 2009
A completely clueless player of the game Skyrim in which they collect only brooms and wooden plates until they are too heavy to walk.
Dragonblond: Why can't I move fast anymore and what am I doing?
Normal Person: You are so Dragonblond. Why don't you sell Skyrim and buy Minecraft.
Dragonblond: Huh?
#skyrim #clueless #dunce #dragon #blond
by Mahalollama April 16, 2013
Taking a bowel-emptying crap in one's shorts, usually in response to being startled. The complete and sudden evacuation of one's bowels into their underwear or shorts.
"Dude, when that car came at me I filled my shorts!"
"Yeah, I can smell it!"

"Damn dude, you made me fill my shorts you bitch"
#crap #dump #shit #feces #startle #surprised
by Mahalollama September 13, 2009
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