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5 definitions by Magniforis Zhangustus

evapoir n. (Coined by Magniforis Zhangustus after a afternoon dream) An awakening from a dream; the switch of ones spirit from one world to another.(From evaporation + reservoir. Zhangustus dreamt the worlds of dreams as well as any wold as ponds, lakes, or reservoirs holding the spirit of the dreamer. Thus, in order to get out of a dream, one must "evaporate" the "reservoirs".)
What a evapoir!
by Magniforis Zhangustus May 22, 2009
1.adj. Euphonic, elegant, beautiful, graceful, polite, etc. 2.n. Elegance, beautifulness, gracefulness, politness, etc.

(Containing the 6 vowels: a,e,i,o,u,y, sounding like and also adopting the meaning of the Chinese phrase youya. )
This music is so youiea!

She is known for the youiea in her songs.
by Magniforis Zhangustus May 23, 2009
afdeiction n. The addiction to affection. (blend of addiction and affection.)
I'll always feel sick when I picked up the memories of the afdeiction towards her before our break-up.
by Magniforis Zhangustus May 23, 2009
eternamour n.&v. love for eternity; love forever.( blend of aeternum and amour.)
Their love is an eternamour; they were in love for already a century.
by Magniforis Zhangustus May 23, 2009
The participation in the great cycle of rebirth. (From the novel, OLD MAN'S WAR, by John Scalzi)
"We cherish all life that has the potential for Ungkat"—that last part was pronounced like a fender scraping a brick wall—"which is participation in the great cycle of rebirth," the ambassador said. "We tend to you, to all you lesser races, consecrating your planets so that all who dwell there may be reborn into the cycle. We sense our duty to participate in your growth. The Rraey believe we provided them with the technology you question after because they offered up one of their planets to us, but that is not so. We saw the chance to move both of your races closer to perfection, and joyfully we have done so."
by Magniforis Zhangustus May 23, 2009