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2 definitions by Magikchef

A dip chuckle is a silent laugh made by a person who has a wad of tobacco, dip, or snuff in their mouth. They immediately reach for their spit container, usually an empty soda bottle and spit so that they can reply or laugh audibly.
After Roy heard the joke, he could only dip chuckle until he got the lid off his spit bottle.
by Magikchef March 17, 2009
A dip n' wipe is the process of dipping your toilet paper in the water to aid in the removal of sticky fecal matter on one's anus. Best if done following a courtesy flush to ensure the use of clean water.
That cheeseburger made my crap so sticky I had to do a dip n' wipe to remove it.
by Magikchef March 17, 2009