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It is often considered the Hakuna Matata of our generation. Inspired by the lone men of this world who are tired of the deeds of the treacherous bitches out there, it is a shinning beacon of light and hope in such a dark and unforgiving world in where a bitch is constantly trying to put you down. When a bitch is giving you a hard time, one simply says "F.T.B.!!!!" and all is resolved. It isn't simply a quote from a party, a phrase developed for laughs, or a motto one uses to look cool. It is a way of life, a standard that everyone should live their life by in the face of all the bitches out there.
Johnny: My girlfriend just dumped me to fuck another guy. I feel like shit

Tim: Yo FTB!!!!

Johnny: Thats right!!! FTB!!!!
by MagicSuperman November 28, 2009

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