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4 definitions by MagicBus

When a group of friends smoke marijuana over iChat
"I think I'll go home and iBlaze"
"Wow, you're cool"
by Magicbus February 04, 2009
1) Justice delivered by those of the Jewish religion. This form of justice is usually swift, brutal and effective.
2) Jews kicking ass
The movies Munich and Inglorious Bastards are textbook examples of Jewstice.
by Magicbus January 05, 2010
A goal or point scored using no skill or massive amounts of luck. Usually very ugly.
"I can't believe we lost that game because of that shitty gay ass goal"

"Yeah, that one was a textbook Thomas goal"
by MagicBus October 22, 2009
Not peanut butter and jelly. Acronym for Pimps, Bitches and Jamaicans.
"What's you're clan tag PB&J mean? Peanut butter and jelly?"

"No retard, pimps bitches and Jamaicans"
by MagicBus February 15, 2009