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adj. A word used to describe a tough or strong man. syn. muscular, gangsta, thug

adj. A word used to describe some one who comes with it, consistently.
Woman 1: "You heard of that guy Ace of Cakes from B-more?"
Woman 2: "Yeah, I saw him on the Food channel. I had heard he can bake a cake, but was real surprised when I actually saw him."
Woman 1: "Why you say that?"
Woman 2: "Cause he looked too thorough to be baking cakes for a living!"
by Madello May 17, 2007
A word someone says before they pull on the tendon in your neck with their index and middle fingers as punishment for you believing some outrageous story.
Trickster: "Hey man, you'll never believe this. I saw 2pac at the club last night!"
Victim: "Are you serious? I knew he was still alive."
Trickster: "Neckbone!"
Victim: "Awww shit, man. That hurt!"
by Madello May 16, 2007
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