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A complete and utter fucking retard
50 cent is a Fucktard waste of sperm
by Madd Jester December 16, 2004
wen a rather enjoyable moment is rudely and abuptly interrupted.
when a pla or idea is "shit on" or "shot down."
it was a real buzzkill when she spit and it got in the other girls eye then my fucking mom tryed to join.
by Madd Jester September 05, 2003
when an adventrous girl keeps a razor blade in her mouth in the middle of oral sex and puts a tiny cut in the man's....cock, dick, or shloong and proceeds t suck is blood...preferrab;y during orgasm.
Holy Shit Batman!!! that girl did a good fukin vamp job!
by Madd Jester September 05, 2003
some kind of socko word.
a sarcastic half-retarded word derived from hilarious.
"ooh yeah dats halarious, deerf"
by Madd Jester September 20, 2003
a strange half-american, half-latin language translated backand forth in single sentences. Never used in real life. Usually only in drug-war movies as if the shitty latin barrios needed to be degraded even more.
see definition for quarter-rican
by Madd Jester December 16, 2004
Someone who is stupid to the extent of haveing one-too-many chromosomes, but phenomenomely has no genetic or mental diseases to give the person the excuse for being so goddamn stupid.
There are alot of Half Retards on this site. So how about instead of bitching tell me how to correctly spell phenomenomely in a creative degraading way.
by Madd Jester December 16, 2004
One who is of 25% of Puerto Rican descent and uses it proudly too their advantage of pure americans over jobs and quotas.
Yo ese! I'm Quarter Rican, now me das tu trabajo-gimme yer job.(hollywood spanglish)
by Madd Jester December 16, 2004
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