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5 definitions by Madame Sosostris

A group of women discussing private matters openly and carelessly. (Noun, singular)
Perhaps The View over there should keep the talk about anal on the down low.
by Madame Sosostris June 29, 2006
Two female friends who are strangely inseparable, commonly but wrongly assumed in an Ellen sort of way. (Noun)

to thelma and louise (Verb) - two women going everywhere together
Those two girls are joined at the hip. They're thelma and louise-ing it all around town.
by Madame Sosostris June 29, 2006
A gathering of three or more Lifetime friends.
I can barely hear you over the sobbing din of Group Therapy at the next table.
by Madame Sosostris June 29, 2006
A group of three or more girl friends who compulsively hang out but who barely know or like each other.
We're not that close, just ladies who lunch.
by Madame Sosostris June 29, 2006
Women who share everything with each other. Differs from Beaches in that Lifetime friends are engaged in a subtle competition to determine who has been victimized most. Nearly every sentence in a conversation among Lifetime friends begin with "I."
Those girls seem like Beaches, but they are really pity-seeking Lifetime friends.

Did those Lifetime friends hear anything they have said to each other?
by Madame Sosostris June 29, 2006