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the squishy part of a woman's underarm next to her chest that pooks out of sleeveless shirt or strappy dress.
This dress is pretty but it's accentuating my flarm. I am not that flarmy, am I?

The straps on this dress are too tight and making my flarm pook out.
by Madam Flawless January 02, 2011
1) A feeling of cozy, lovely, procreative joy.

2) When a woman feels really lovely about something, so lovely that it inspires her belly to be so happy that her ovaries are smiling.

3) When a woman feels the yummy life force emanating from her belly, like a purring cat.
OMG he is sooo hot, I got all eggy and kept talking about babies the whole night!
by Madam Flawless July 04, 2012

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