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Shorter way to say fuck me boots.
FOS's are the opposite of this, fuck off slippers.
Look at those FMB's she's wearing.
by MadMatt74 November 17, 2003
Line of hair that extends from pubic hair to bellybutton reigion.
Wow, now that i hit puberty ive grown a crab ladder!
by MadMatt74 November 15, 2003
Jodie Marsh's Nose, as described by Jordan
Jodie Marsh has got a nose like a builders Elbow
by MadMatt74 May 11, 2004
Breasts, Usually large ones. A woman like this could alos be able to "Breastfeed a Creqche"
Oh my god, shes got huge shoulder boulders.
by MadMatt74 November 17, 2003
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