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Beware El Mustardo, the father of Cabbaggio. He looks like a steriotypical mexican with a large mustache and sombrero that has mustard bottles for hands.
Ph33r teh mustard!!!!111111111one@!11
by MadDogV2 October 24, 2004
What some retards feel obligated to smoke because they thinks it's cool or rebellious. The reason all these morons are dropping dead is because:
1.They take giant deep breaths of the smoke and make it stay in their lungs. It's not the fact that the smoke comes from the cigarettes that it's deadly, any kind of smoke, even barbecue smoke, will fuck up your lungs if you let it sit in there. You're smoking it all wrong dumbass, you're supposed to take shallow puffs and let the flavor sit in your mouth. That's why they say puffing a cigarette; otherwise they would say sucking a cigarette stupid.

2.They have no self control. If you had any kind of self control at all and smoked it correctly as stated above, then you wouldn't have this addiction problem in the first place!

3.They are buying the wrong brands. The brands these sheep buy are produced by heartless corporations who don't care what their shit tastes like and are just in it for the money. They are stuffed full of chemicals and crap and barely have any real tobacco in it.
most idiots who smoke aren't doing it right and are merely posers. They either aren't cool enough or smart enough (or both) to smoke.
by MadDogV2 November 07, 2004

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