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The personal space that's allowable while waiting in line at an ATM. This space changes as you move through the line. In most of the queue, the space is as close as a foot or less, but when you are the next person in line and the person in front of you is using the ATM, it changes to as much as 6 feet to give that person privacy to use the machine
"Some people don't understand that when you get up to the machine, the person behind you needs to give proper ATM space."
by macsarcule June 28, 2004
The "shit"
Back in '93 that was the schiznick, now it's old as Bob Hope.
by Macsarcule September 17, 2003
Adj. Terrific, very good, the best stuff.

Noun. A doof. A silly person.

This word is often used by ESPN Sports personality Dan Patrick.
Adj.: This is great stuff, it's schiznick.

Noun: What a bunch of Schiznicks
by Macsarcule September 17, 2003

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