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bullmit - any transparently obvious misrepresentation of fact that is trumpeted loudly and repeatedly with conviction and force with the intent of pandering to provincial idiots, racists, and other limited entities; a lie, especially one that is obvious and which flies in the face of conventional wisdom and or documented fact, particularly when employed for political gain.
I can't believe she is still giving speeches in which she refers to his birth in Kenya, what bullmit!
by Macrovertigo October 18, 2012
any dark, wet, persistent stain on a basement floor that resists identification or efforts at remediation, but which generally fades away once the causal bork has been brought into the open for a good airing; any old stain, especially one that is easier to ignore than to do anything about.
Martha and the other girls in the always full Binder were pleased to know that the dank borkum in the cellar would soon dissipate on it's own, now that Mitt had taken the bork away for the short remainder of the Autumn Presidential Campaign tour.
by Macrovertigo November 03, 2012

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