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Government of the ghetto, by the ghetto, and for the ghetto.
Barack Hussein Ubama's America is a state of niggerocracy
by mackerel daddy March 03, 2010
A case of being so caught up in the hype of Obama that you've lost touch with reality.
Shontreeka is so into the Obama hype that she named her cats Hope and Change. She's got an acute case of Hussein in the Membrane.
by mackerel daddy November 28, 2009
The Secret Service code name for Michelle Obama.
"Baby Momma in da house dawg, we out" is radio shortspeak for "Michelle is out of the helicopter and inside the White House, over and out.
by Mackerel Daddy March 03, 2010
Another name for a black neighborhood.
Compton, Queens, the entire cities of Detroit and New Orleans are all prime examples of Crunkistan
by mackerel daddy November 28, 2009
A swimming pool at a HUD apartment complex or a city park on the bad side of town.
Shaquanda and Lil Re-Re always be hangin wit they niglets up in da coon lagoon.
by mackerel daddy August 14, 2011
A single malt scotch whiskey from the Islay region of Scotland. It has a very strong peat flavor. You won't find it in the hood though due to it's $70 price tag.
Laphroaig quarter cask 48% abv
by mackerel daddy August 14, 2011
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