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a really attractive, fun, smart, sassay, friendly and respectable girl.
islay's are a rare find friend that you will love and cherish forever. if you have one in your life you will probably have a good life. she's special and creative and really intelligent. if you're ever in a pickle islays will give you a nickle (cuz islay's like pickles) islays have nice brown eyes and and beautiful skin, they like nice lipsticks and braces (on males) if you have braces islays will dig you. if you're dating an islay. you're the luckiest guy in the world. all around a great friend to have just lovely!
~boy 1: "hey i-slay you're looking very georgeous today madame"
~islay: "why thanks i workout"
~boy 2: thinking to himself "i wish i had an islay in my life ;-; i-slay my life is pretty boring..."
^if your wondering. i made all that up. because there is not a definition for your name on UD but you're just that spethuuul i had to make one!!!
by Rickdickroshan January 10, 2014
a brand of vodka
and a Scottish isle

it is pronounced EYE-LA
damn that islay is good!

lets go visit islay some day
by izlander May 13, 2008
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